Rich Looks for Thrifty Outdoor Rooms

I have to be fair. If someone wanted to build me one of those amazing outdoor rooms complete with kitchen and fireplace, I would not turn down it. I’d also like multilevel landscaping, a wrap-around porch and a deck overlooking a tropical ocean.

What I really have in my backyard is a concrete terrace, a couple of trees and a chicken coop. There’s also my DIY landscaping. However, my humble, poolhouse-free yard does not mean that I can not make a beautiful outdoor space to call my own. With good furniture, a few plants and some creativity, anybody can have a beautiful outdoor space.


This really is a few furniture. It’s an outdoor living room. A few “indoor” details such as plant and candles stands make it feel much more comfy and roomlike.

Colors Of Green Landscape Architecture

This “space” was created with PVC pipe and a few yards of gauzy cloth. Sturdy, modern furniture gives it a much feel.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Use your outdoor walls like you utilize your inner walls : paint them, hang artwork, add shelves.


I just adore this one. Layered rugs, a simple cloth canopy, and a collection of throw pillows create a cheerful, eclectic space. There’s nothing here you couldn’t get in a flea market or garage sale.


Seating and art make this room a very inviting place to hang out inside. Pillows, throw blankets, side tables and area rugs all add instant coziness.


You don’t really have to get a party to make a festive atmosphere. Including indoor furniture, brightly colored linens along with some other bright touches create a normal picnic table look like it’s prepared to amuse.

Stringing lights above a table creates a “ceiling” and turns out a fairly plain setup into an elegant outdoor dining room.


This really is a carport with a painted concrete floor, custom drapes and a few paper lanterns. Impressive, right? How everything works with the color of the outside wall is brilliant.

How To Turn a Carport Into an Outdoor Party Room


Not all outside rooms will need to be for dining. This exterior reading nook could become the very best spot in or out of the home. With the addition of some pillows, the old bed could function as a sofa too.

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