5 Relationship Problems Solved by Layout

Even the most compatible couples can end up fighting about the most mundane items. But don’t let bickering about money, dirty dishes or date nighttime turned into a regular event — let home layout come to the rescue. Since many of these issues are based in surroundings, a couple tweaks to your residence d├ęcor could help you and your significant other spend less time arguing and more time enjoying each other’s company.


Problem No. 1: Everything else takes priority over your relationship. Whether you have been married for 20 decades or relationship for six months, then every relationship strikes a patch in which it gets neglected. Bills pile up, work turns stressful, kids gets sick — and romance gets pushed to the back burner.

By setting up a special place in your home for you and your sweetie, you’ll be invited to spend a portion of the day together — only the two of you. An outdoor setting like this provides instant romance. Plan a date at least one time every week to enjoy your special spot with a bottle of wine or book of poetry, no cell phones allowed. If a comfy outdoor place is not in the cards, then push a bench near a window with a pretty view and pay the chair with plush pillows and blankets. Anything soft will do.

Scattering little joyful reminders of your relationship throughout the house can also help when settlement slips. When you don’t have a spare second for romance, they are able to prevent you in each other’s mind. Photos, framed tickets or a floral odor can make all of the difference, helping even the most functional corners of your house feel filled with love.

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Problem No. 2: Communication has gone out the window. With all the joys of day-to-day life, it’s easy to misunderstand what your loved one is stating. And needless to say, misunderstanding can easily lead to an argument. (I know my boyfriend and I’d save a lot of energy and time if we only listened to each other in the first place.) Having a conversation in person — not on a cell phone or through text message and without diversion can make a world of difference.

So make certain you have a quiet and relaxing area where you can talk without the joys of digital devices. Having the capability to hide your TV, for instance, can make a difference. Don’t just turn your set off — tuck it away entirely. Let your living room or family room turned into an area that’s more or less both of you and your conversation.

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Having a phone and computer station is just as important. When you buy home, resist the desire to spend dinnertime on your cell phone as your sweetie chats with you about your afternoon. Even in the event that you believe you are hearing everything, chances are you are not. Commit to stashing your phone and computer in another room as soon as you get home from work. Maintain the ringer on for important calls, but don’t sit around playing with your phone.

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Problem No. 3: You can not agree on financing. For couples that are in the early phases of living together, figuring out how to deal with money can be incredibly stressful. Arguments can arise from all sorts of scenarios, but remaining organized and being honest can help prevent a lot of those.

Have a shared area in which both of you are able to get all your financial advice. When it is a drawer, a file cabinet or an entirely separate desk, make sure it stays organized. Produce a system that both of you agree on and stick with it. Place budget targets in a highly visible place. Write down all your financial strengths and weaknesses and keep each other accountable. Decide who is responsible for which bills, then write everything down and post your notes at a visible place. Get a calendar and make sure you each know when the bills need to get paid.

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Problem No. 4: Doing housework inevitably contributes to an argument. In many relationships, each person has a rather different strategy to housework. An individual may be a neat freak, for example, while another is a complete slob. The ideal thing to do will be up front about your cleanliness preferences — and attempt to be sympathetic about your significant other’s.

Of course, that just goes so much, therefore assigning chores and sticking together is really the best option. Yes, it seems childish. But it also works. Produce a chore chart based on what has to be performed weekly and monthly at the house, then post it where both of you are able to see it. Make certain it feels honest to both of you: Try to provide each individual the errands they prefer and rotate the ones which both of you despise.

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Nothing builds resentment faster than when one person does all the work because another keeps forgetting, so remain accountable along with your housework. Do your very best to make your chore zones agreeable. Clean up the laundry space, organize the linen closet and purchase a couple of sparkly cleaning materials. It’s wonderful how a nice environment can inspire you to get the work finished.

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Problem No. 5: The bedroom is feeling anything but romantic.
A bedroom redesign can radically influence your time spent in there. In case your bedroom feels messy, cluttered and disorganized, it’s easy to feel anxious and miserable when you’re getting into bed at the end of a very long moment. But if your bedroom is clean, open and soothing, you and your honey will love getting into bed at nighttime.

First things first: Clear all of the clutter. A feng shui principle would be to increase your bed off the ground and sweep away any clutter underneath to allow energy flow freely in the area.


Then get the lighting right. Too little or too much can make a bedroom feel uncomfortable and restricted. Rely on many different sources of lighting — lamps, chandeliers and sconces. Install dimmers wherever possible and also scatter candles to get extra romance.

Third, stick with a calming color palette. Cooler colours at the very same tones feel instantly relaxing. Blues, grays and greens are particularly relaxing. Don’t hesitate to add measurement with feel, but keep everything at the same palette.

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Last but not least, eliminate electronics in the bedroom. TVs, phones and computers can turn what should be a sanctuary into a stressful place. When possible, establish a place in your bedroom in which you and your loved one can relax with no in bed. A cozy sitting room can allow you to relax and enjoy each other’s company before you hit the hay.

Which are the secrets for maintaining your home romantic and relaxed? Share your tips in the Remarks section below.

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