Stained Glass for Each Style

I’ve always dreamed of living in an older house full of pieces of surprise and history in every corner. Stained glass is one of the components that gives a home character and also a caliber of craftsmanship.

Virtually any window or opening can be fitted with stained glass, and you can locate stained-glass artists in most cities. An artist can work with a design you are considering, or come up with new ideas customized for your distinctive project. Because these are delicate art functions, the intricacy of the design will decide on the time and cost needed. Massive pieces of stained glass come in modules, therefore recognize that seams become part of the total design.

Contemporary stained glass layouts are frequently more streamlined, geometric and less complicated than classic designs. The next images show how it can be integrated in almost any style and any area of a home.

Ashford Associates

This inspirational stained-glass skylight functions well with the circular form of this space and the curve of this bulkhead flowing towards the kitchen.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

This foyer feels inviting and rich with all of the woodwork and the very simple grid of stained glass. Repeated use of this stained glass at the window and door adds continuity to the room.

M. Castedo Architects

Here is a contemporary spin on stained glass with linear patterns that can work in both traditional and contemporary homes. I enjoy the subtlety of those neutral colors.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

The stained glass drop-down ceiling gives a gentle glow to this living room, which works good as a den/reading/study room. Here is an illustration of how copying little patterns can have a significant effect on a large region.

Morava Glass Studio

In this bathroom, a stain glass design that is creative provides privacy. The dark walls draw attention to the colors of the glass panels.

Colleen Brett

Backlist stained glass adds a custom touch to the cabinetry within this kitchen and finishes on the top of the cabinets — a room frequently considered ‘dead’ space.

Letitia Holloway

The custom designed stained glass fixture in this dining room spans all of the way across the dining table. The orange and red colors mix in well with the area’s warm wood tones.

Eric H. Gjerde AIA

Here is a great location to get a new piece of stained glass or a stored find from a church. It gives the space most substantial feel and draws up your eyes to look at the beautiful vaulted ceiling.

A Good Chick To Know

In case you’ve got a basement with long and narrow windows and need some solitude and light at the same period, a stained glass similar to this might be the solution.

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