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passed a landmark Saturday using its 1,000th Tour. That’s 1,000 unique stories about the most important spot on Earth: residence.

A million roofs covering 1,000 households. One million kids, cats, dogs, cows. Thousands of footsteps and Thanksgiving dinners and backyard barbecues. Thousands of laughing voices and snuggly rainy times. A number of the best moments of our lives. All of which required thousands upon thousands of dollars and hours; thousands of drops of blood, sweat and tears, to finally get our hands on this particular place for which we’d fight 1,000 dragons using 1,000 fire-breathing heads simply to continue to.

We never get tired of hearing about the joyful journey people embark on to obtain their dream home. It’s something we could do for 1,000 decades. To celebrate, we put together the Top 10 hottest Tours so far, leaving No. 1 for last.

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Rauser Design

No. 2. Organic farmers Glen and Paula Foore of Austin, Texas, stun us with this contemporary interpretation on old farmhouse style.

Watch the full tour : A New Texas Farmhouse Pulls a Neat Trick

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

No. 3. Interior designer Jessica Helgerson, her husband, architect Yianni Doulis, and both children demonstrate that living in a 540-square-foot house is both possible and lovely.

Watch the full tour : A Family of 4 Unwinds in 540 Square Feet

Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants

No. 4. A 15-minute floatplane ride whisks Ian McLeod and Kerry Johnson for their dream cabin on an island near Vancouver.

Watch the full tour : Creative Design Moves Rescue an Island Cottage

Jon+Aud Design

No. 5. Audrey McEwen and Jon Gaiser spent $38,000 to upgrade their San Diego townhouse into a fresh and clean home full of DIY charm.

Watch the full tour : A San Diego Townhouse Gets a Bright Update

Darci Goodman Design

No. 6. Soft bright and color layout fill this Cape Cod-style home a block from the shore.

Watch the full tour : Country Meets Coastal Close a California Beach

Arturo Palombo Architecture

No. 7. A run-down barn gets another life with assistance from Amish craftsmen.

Watch the full tour : Farmhouse Meets Industrial in a Restored New Jersey Barn

Kimberley Bryan

No. 8. Cari and Greg Horning, brothers Kendall and Piper, gold retriever Scoop and three farm cats moved out of mobile home to contemporary farmhouse.

Watch the full tour : History Resonates in a New Washington Farmhouse

Alex Amend Photography

No. 9. Karin Blom moves her family into the beautiful 1923 cabin that she grew up in.

Watch the full tour: Playful Style Reinvents a Childhood Home

Lucy Call

No. 10. Spencer Steed, Alex Tovey and their French bulldog, Simon, turned into a former automobile garage into a cozy-yet-industrial house match for a young couple.

Watch the full tour : From Deadly Space to Hip Home in a Converted Utah Garage

Along With…

Corynne Pless

No. 1. Douglas and Kim Nichols, along with their own Yorkie, Bailey, take the No. 1 hottest home spot with their Southern-belle design Georgia house.

Watch the full tour : French Nation Meets Southern Farmhouse Style in Georgia

What is your Favourite Tour of all time? Post a link from some of those 1,000 Tours from the Comments.

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