On The Next Sink, Believe Particular

There is no need to restrict your sink to what’s on store shelves. Repurposing any number of boats into a sink — if classic or new — will display your personal style with little effort. From older metal buckets to enormous cubes to rain barrels — whether it can hold water, it may be your sink.

Still doubtful? Look at these revolutionary ideas to get motivated for your next home design project.


Cast concrete. Green horn can create their gardening projects a little easier with a rustic exterior cast concrete sink which blends into landscaping.

Hint: Tough stone such as this is left for outdoor usage. The material is extremely porous and hard to wash.

Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Mop bucket. Jump the internet shopping and dive into your cleaning supply closet instead. With a hole drilled into the floor, a metal mop bucket can make a great sink.

Hint: Keep the theme going and use the bucket handle or a mop handle as a towel rack in precisely the same room.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Vintage. Embrace the vintage patina of a salvaged sink into your house — this classic soapstone sink is ideal for cleaning up a messy craft space.

Hint: Depending on how old they are and exactly what they were used for, some vintage sinks don’t actually have holes drilled into them for plumbing fixtures. Take note — that will increase the total price.

Murphy & Co.. Layout

Barrel. A barrel drum turned sink stand becomes an instant focal point in a small powder room. Whether you’ve got a sink installed inside the barrel or have the barrel modified to be a sink, speak with a local designer to see how much this custom therapy will cost.

Hint: The best part about this barrel is that the tag on the side. Consider printing and implementing one of your designs to your new sink.

Dayna Katlin Interiors

Shell. Give a coastal design half-bath an elegant upgrade with an oversize shell sink basin. You can get an authentic one in case you’re prepared to search, but be ready for a hefty price tag. Composite reproductions can save you money but won’t seem as genuine.

Hint: Should you find an authentic shell, the edges may be sharp and dangerous. Ask your builder or contractor to carefully file them down so your sink is secure.

Mountain Log Homes of CO, Inc..

Log. Take your toilet back to nature with a wooden sink container or container. Whether you’ve got a found log custom-crafted into a sink, or a readymade version from a store, make certain it includes a polyurethane clear coat for durability.

Hint: a considerable part of wood similar to this can be very heavy — make sure it’s adequately supported on either the wall and flooring.

Fountain. An elegant, vintage fountain brings the outdoors inside in a very different way than the previous sink. The copper verdigris inside this photo honors the grand gardens of another era.

Hint: Depending on the age of your fountain, make certain to check for cracks and leaks that might need repairing before setup.

Washing machine. This powder area extends on to show that pretty much any hardy vessel can become a sink. This classic washing machine had little adjustment to function as a sink in this beautiful space.

Hint: Many conservative appliances may have marred and ruined finishes. If you’d rather not adopt the patina, find a specialist to refinish the surface to a shine.

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