The best way to Clean a Mildewed Chest Freezer

You might remember to clear your fridge and stove on a rotation that is repeated, but other home appliances, including freezers, might skip the the normal cleanings. Mildew can develop and invade the freezer when a freezer is not cleaned often, a door is left ajar or is not functioning correctly. Mildew is a kind of mould that is a a skinny, smelly and occasionally fuzzy development that thrives in moist conditions and may be white or black. Grab some family products to rid the freezer of mildew in case your chest freezer is a petri-dish for mould.

Unplug the freezer. Put on a respirator mask as well as protective eye-wear, including an N95, which will not allow one to breathe in mold spores. Remove any meals and discard to stop the spread of mildew else where.

Fill a bucket with 1 cup of bleach and 1-gallon of water. Fill a spray bottle with all the bleach solution.

Open the lid and keep it open while you perform. In the event that you are working inside or within an enclosed area, open doorways or any windows to ensure appropriate ventilation.

Spray baskets, lid, bottom, the sides and door gaskets using the bleach solution. Allow the solution to function with respect to the severity of the mildew infestation. Remember to keep the lid open.

Wipe each of the surfaces clear of mildew. Use rags that you are able to discard in a outdoor garbage can. Discard it once a rag becomes stuffed with all the mildew and use a clear one. Immerse the rag to the bleach solution until all traces of mildew are gone, and scrub. Wipe down the surfaces that are exterior .

Dip an aged toothbrush in the bleach answer to achieve the ridges as well as stubborn corners and scrub these are as of the mildew.

Discard rags and the bleach answer.

Rinse the bucket and refill it using an answer of equivalent elements vinegar and water that is warm.

Wipe down the exterior and inside surfaces and gaskets using a clear sponge and also the vinegar solution.

Sprinkle a box of baking-soda across the base of the freezer. Keep the lid and allow the freezer to dry entirely, ideally over-night. The baking-soda will assist to absorb any uncomfortable odors that are remaining.

Fit the lengthy attachment and vacuum the baking-soda a-way.

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