How to Prepare Your Sacramento AC repair specialists for Summer

Summer is one of the best seasons. People spend most of the year looking forward to its arrival. It must be the sunshine, the greenery, chirping birds or the family picnics and beach getaways that do it. However, summer also brings with it some major challenges for homeowners, such as how to keep your energy bills low and your home cool and breezy.

According to stats from the Energy Information Association, energy use during summer peaks to levels of up to 67 billion kilowatt-hours per month, and having an old and poorly maintained furnace repair Colorado Springs, CO unit can only make matters worse. But don’t worry because we’ve got some great tips that you can use to ensure that your air conditioning performs flawlessly all summer long, while enjoying reasonable energy bills.

Change Your Filters

An El Paso AC repair specialists with dirty filters has to work twice as hard to do its job, because the blocked filter causes the unit’s pressure to drop, leading to severely compromised airflow that ultimately damages the air conditioning Colorado Springs, CO unit altogether. Experts recommend changing the filter once every 90 days or even more often if you have pets around the house.

Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are usually found in the HVAC’s outdoor unit, which is exposed to all types of dirt and debris, from cut Lawn in San Diego Care service Littleton, CO to fallen leaves, dust and much more. Coils that aren’t cleaned out regularly will not be able to do their job properly, which is to transfer heat from the interior of your house, enable your refrigerator to operate fully while preventing inefficiencies for up to 30%. The good news is that you can clean out your coils using simple tools like a hose or a soft-bristled brush and a pressure washer. It might also be a good idea to trim any branches that may be situated near the outdoor unit, in order to minimize the possibility of getting debris inside it.   

Clear the Condensate Drain Line

As you may know, your Sacramento AC repair specialists Colorado Springs, CO works to cool your home by introducing fresh, cool air while removing moisture from the humidity, which is filtered to the condensate drain line. Now, when poorly maintained, the condensate line will get clogged up, causing leaks throughout your home’s system that may even lead to water damage. To prevent this scenario, use a little bleach to flush out any blockages that may be in the drain line. Doing this will also help you prevent mold growth, which is a double win!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Professional HVAC Boston repair specialists Maintenance

If you want to employ the services of a professional technician to maintain your El Paso AC repair specialists instead of Doing-It-Yourself, then you might need a professional service agreement. These agreements basically stipulate that an Sacramento AC repair specialists technician will perform AC maintenance for your home at least once or twice per year, and check for things like air pressure, filters and refrigerant levels etc.

The technician’s job is to not only tune-up your El Paso AC repair specialists but also to look for any major system failures that may compromise the system’s performance. Typically, these types of service agreements cost about $150 to $500 per year, whereas a heating Sacramento repair specialists Colorado Springs, CO replacement will typically cost you around $5,000.

However, it does help to have a service agreement in place when you need to claim for repairs to your HVAC El Paso repair specialists, as most manufacturers actually give priority to customers that have service agreements than those who don’t, and having a service agreement in place will ensure that you have a much easier time getting your warranty honored when the time comes.