Jump the Framer: 10 Ways to Hang Art

Does the thought of a visit to the framing store fill you with dread? I love the look of a professional framing project, but it’s expensive and it takes a long time. By the time that they phone me to pick up it, I can’t even recall what the artwork seemed like. Here’s a look at some innovative, inexpensive ways to hang your art as well as some options to artwork.

The Virginia House

Use a window . Of this window full of art, blogger Jillian Woods states”I simply googled for old cowboy photographs, printed themand stuck them on the panes using tape. Uncomplicated art.” Really; I particularly love the way the blue wall shows through from the background.

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Jute Interior Design

Stretch cloth over a canvas or cloth frame. A remnant piece of cloth can be art when stretched a canvas over. Here, a lovely Josef Frank print takes the place of a painting that is large.

The Red Jet

Marimekko fabrics have always been famous for extending canvases over. You can purchase simple kits in Textile Arts — that they come as just the frame, the fabric in addition to the frame or they will also do the whole thing for you!

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Hang it like it’s a kilt. This skirt hanger is just the correct size and adds a fun shape near the peak of this print.

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Use vintage maps, charts or botanical drawings as artwork. Classic items from schools usually roll down like a simple window shade. All you have to do is mount the dowel in the top into the wall.

Hang plates rather than framed artwork. If the Notion of this intimidates you, then click over to The Secret to Hanging a Plate Collection until you begin.

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Annalea Hart

Use a clothesline and clothespins. Here 3 lines fill the wall using the alphabet, interspersed with a couple pictures in lieu of the correspondence cards. It is the ideal solution for a nursery.

Sweet as a Candy

For more structure, use a wire structure and clothespins. This serves as an ever-evolving inspiration plank. The continuity of the clips and the black photography make it all work together.

Atypical Type A

Publish Query clips using a chipboard backing. This simple frame job has depth and impermanence. The excellent thing about binder clips is that they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They also hang from a nail easily.

You can find a similar look by using a clipboard in lieu of a frame.

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Check out folk art and outsider art. A number of these artists paint whatever is available, like Missionary Mary painted on this big piece of metal. Other musicians paint on old planks; Chris Clark finds framed bits, takes the glass out, and paints over the full thing, all. It is worth exploring this genre if you would like to skip the trip to the frame shop.

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Stick a branch via it. That sounds like a line from Portlandia, but tiny pieces can be hung from a branch. For something a bit precious, use clips or pins rather than stabbing it through the bud.

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