Let's Bang Out New Ways With Vintage Typewriters

I’ve been looking at the trends which were sweeping design sites when I started at many years back, charting their tipping points and the way designers’re freshening them up following their ubiquity. One trend which has hit its peak is incorporating magical antique typewriters into decor. Let’s take a look at this tendency with fresh eyes and see how designers and homeowners are providing it a tweak.

The trend: utilizing classic typewriters as sculptural objects among Brooklyn hipster–esque environments. Here’s a look at the fashion as it soared toward the tipping point. I’ve indicated the tipping point of this fashion as the day that the Sundance catalogue arrived and there was a classic typewriter Christmas ornament pictured inside. In fact, I’ve one of those ornaments and I love it, so I cite it without a bit of a too-cool-for-vintage-typewriters tone.

The problem: Sad typewriters are sitting on shelves using dried-out ribbons collecting dust.

The alternative: It’s time for a spin. Here are a few examples of classic typewriters drafted for new uses and looks. They are ready for you to start that novel or to plant succulents in. (you will see what I mean.)

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Amy Troute Inspired Interior Design

What is new here: This typewriter doesn’t date back as far as the versions we’ve been seeing used because of their forms but not functions. It is brightly colored, it’s portable and, best of all, somebody is really using it.


Vintage Typewriter Orange Adler by GoodBonesVintageCo

Where to find it I switched to Etsy, but I also spied a few on eBay. Hunt “Adler typewriter” or “Contessa typewriter” with this particular model. I also recommend searching “classic typewriter” and also the colour you’re seeking.


Vintage Gal Friday Typewriter Ad IBM Electric by DustyDiggerLise – $8

What is new here: If you like classic typewriters as pure decoration, then look at framing a classic ad, hand-drawn print or letterpress card of you to save space.

Where to find them: Etsy includes a great choice of original artwork featuring typewriters as well as notecards and antique advertisements. I just searched “classic typewriter advertisement,” “classic typewriter card” and “classic typewriter print”

What is new here: Patio plus typewriter isn’t a mix I’ve seen previously. If your typewriter is beyond repair but you still love its looks, it may make for a fascinating conversation piece and sculptural planter from the yard. Obviously, its condition will worsen outside, which means you’ll want to be a person who embraces rusty and crusty.

Strategies for your search: For elderly black guide versions, try new names like Chicago, Underwood, Remington, Royal, Smith-Corona and L.C. Smith. You might also want to try for a particular era; just include “1940” or “1940s” or whatever age to your search.

Rethink Design Studio

What is new here: individuals who love typography and bold graphic design, like this wallpaper from Alexander Girard, love the bold colour and style of the classic Adler. I’ve seen quite a few type fans matching graphic letters using classic typewriters around recently, and I like it.

This wallpaper is available via Maharam.

Andrew Suvalsky Designs

Again, atypography aficionado has surrounded this workspace with text and fonts in frames, along with the classic typewriter looks as though it might have inspired stated fonts using its own output.

Typewriters turned into something else as a group, atop a typographically pleasing carved chest.

The carved alphabetical chest was hand made by Luke Ellis of both Kent and London at Whitstable, England.

Where to find the very best assortment of classic typewriters: There are many typewriters on eBay. I searched “classic typewriter” and “antique typewriter.” I also added “-keys,” since there seem to be a good deal of loose typewriter keys in the marketplace made into bows and magnets, and it was getting on my nerves. Of course, in case you have a favorite brand, colour or age, you need to add it to your search conditions.

Inform us : Are you making an old trend brand new?

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