Magic Mirrors

As soon as I began pulling on this ideabook collectively I supposed I Had need to sift through countless photographs showing a variety of boxy, area-mounted medicine chests before locating the choices that were more non-traditional. Boy, was I wrong! I accumulated so many awesome pictures of stunning toilets with mirrors that were stunning that I invested the bulk of my time modifying them down to the most effective choices. Medicine chests serve a function that is very important, but let us face it: they aren’t always so quite. When there is even an intimation of a chance to to hold mirror -stopping above a sink and locate other storage options, I encourage my customers to go. As Houzz designers and architects have fully adopted this strategy certainly, I’m not alone. Whether masculine or female, muted or ostentatious, under-stated or glamorous, mirrors — particularly those in the bath — have power setting the tone of an area.

Studio William Hefner

The Oldworld impact of the antiqued wall is wonderful. The place that is narrow seems a little bigger, as well as the patina on each of the bits that are metallic makes it feel like it’s been there for a lot longer longer than it’s.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Feels, colour, pleasure — this bath has everything. The bamboo mirror is an ideal natural component to organize with all accents and the artichoke background!

Niche Interiors

The juxtaposition of graphical and traditional is perfection in this small jewel box. The mirror that is slender functions to heighten the toilet more — an effect that is intriguing for this type of space. Get more bang for the buck by installing a sink that does not disturb the view of wallpaper that is high-priced.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Having only one sink for 2 (or maybe more) individuals could be a challenge — one that many folks face daily. Installing an added-broad mirror not only enables two individuals to make use of the toilet in once, which makes it feel bigger, but in addition, it reflects mo-Re mild. I have taken this strategy within my toilet and I have to say, everything has altered!

Michelle Hinckley

This bath has all the makings for normal suburban predictability, but the possessor took issues in to her very own hands to make a glamorous lair fit-for a Hollywood starlet — whole using a hand-stenciled ceiling, wonderful shower curtain, sudden industrial pendant, seagrass carpet, artwork and, obviously, a totally fitting elaborate mirror over the dressing table.

Bockman + Forbes Style

So that you do not believe I ‘ve beef with medicine chests, I needed to mention the fabulousness that’s this Venetian- mirror hiding one. Not only does this conventional toilet have it features, design, also!

Kerrie L. Kelly

Break up regular stripes using an interesting, wonky mirror (and pendant)! Having a dressing table with a lot of useable storage (drawers, in this instance) makes it more straightforward to stop trying the valuable stashing places medicine cabinets supply.

Nick Mehl Architecture

A huge image window within the bath brings naturel and mild in to this peaceful toilet while a refined, contemporary recessed medication cupboard provides storage without visible litter.

Elizabeth Dinkel

A conventional pedestal sink is an ideal foundation to get a snappy mirror (and wall-paper and sconce, in the event that you can swing it)!

Elizabeth Dinkel

Designer Elizabeth Dinkel nails it every time. Layering a crucial that is Greek -design mirror above a motif background creates a routine on a routine, causeing this to be bath room much more specific.

FORMA Layout

The flooring-to-ceiling thread of tile has an exciting backdrop to get an extremely modern, mirror that is silent.

2 are better than one! This layout takes benefit of a corner using the same recessed medication cupboard to the correct along with a mirror before the sink, incorporating two resources of mirror and storage for the seeing happiness.

Desire a landing pad for toilet accessories, although do not desire a medication cabinet? Look at a mirror using an incorporated shelf.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

This bath is an outcome of an add-on to your residence. I really like how the present chimney was integrated as a three dimensional, textured back-splash that provides a change-like quality to the dressing table and mirror.

Donna DuFresne Home Design

In this toilet that was non-traditional, Donna DuFresne produced great utilization of each nook and cranny. Medicine chests were definitely out of the inquiry, given the pitch of the ceiling, therefore she procured a tiny mirror that packages a highstyle built-in storage on the Concepts for designer bathrooms Pittsburgh, and punch.

Filmore Clark

I simply adore how the incorporated tile purposely interrupts the tile function – . We whole toilets, many occasions, then search for for the best mirror. Right from the start, the mirror was component of the strategy in this situation and was integrated attractively to the architectural elements.

SDG Architecture, Inc.

This just isn’t a mirror, but nevertheless an excellent thought: Body a window (rather using a terrific view) as if it were a mirror and observe every one of the normal mild you get as you scrub your palms and gaze out the window.

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