Ceilings Worth Another Look

Most people have drywall ceilings that we forgot about and painted white. The thinking is the white will make the space feel larger, and the ceiling is likely to vanish once it is painted. I do believe our ceilings want to present you some other stuff and have plenty of potential.

Bruce D. Nagel Architect

Wood that is warm. I adore a fine wood ceiling. Wood mechanically supplies a safe feeling of structural unity as well as heat. Adding this stuff to the ceiling is equally lavish and snug.

Jagoda Architecture

Plywood that is finished. A very cost efficient method to get a woody appearance for the ceiling would be to set up plywood sheets. Using desirable light and a polyurethane finish, plyboard takes on a highend sense.

Simply Grove

Design that is surprise. Wallpaper provides an easy approach to jazz-up the white-painted drywall ceiling. This functions perfectly in a little space like a ladies’ room.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Painted stripes. Painting a design like stripes on the ceiling is a daring strategy to include visual interest to the the area you stare at as you lay in bed.

Artisan Kitchens Inc.

Alloy tiles. Tin ceiling tiles include an antique look and is a welcome option to standard dropped ceiling grids with ceiling tiles.

Beard + Riser Architects

Alloy sheets. For a more industrial appearance, currogated alloy sheets are utilized as the ceiling stuff in this tall room. The more rust the better.

Isabel Beattie @ K Cupboards Oakville

Extra measurement. Among The finest touches it is possible to enhance your ceiling is a dropped soffit. It offers different ceiling heights and light opportunities that are various.

CIH Style

This can be just another variation of a soffit with goldleaf where a chandelier drops.

Elliott Kaufman

Light. Soffits go together with cove lights. The mo-Re lights choices in a chamber (immediate, in-direct, cove lights, dimmable lighting fixture) the more it is possible to adjust the light degrees to your own specific needs. Soffits permit you to add light choices without one airplane of the ceiling becoming overly active.

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