Interior Glass Doors Shine as Stars

Interior glass doors whether clear, frosted, multipaned, pocketed or French — may bring sun streaming through your home. And even if light were of no concern (but really, that doesn’t want more light?) , glass doors within the house can supply the perfect solution to a very common problems with flow. These two great examples show how inner glass doors may alter a home for the better.

Moroso Construction

Borrow light from the backyard. In this gracious residence, inside glass pocket doors discreetly define the distance while allowing the homeowners to take in the views of the lush courtyard.


Maintain a favourite feature visible. Not merely do the glass doors within this prewar Brooklyn, New York, residence let in more light, but they permit the brick walls to be seen by the entire space.

Urrutia Design

Give your home office an interior perspective. Working at home can be a bit dreary if you are tucked away in a plain box of a room. French doors and an inside window allow the sun shine in and provide you a different scene to rest your eyes. If you want to be able to look outdoors, line up your inside doorway or window with a window at another area.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Pull a vanishing act with pocket doors. Interior glass pocket doors visually split chambers when needed but slip open when one large space is desired. And in a home with young kids, pocket doors are great for maintaining grown-up dinner parties out of waking the little ones.

Brownhouse Design

Hide in plain sight with frosted glass doors. Replacing a laundry room, pantry or kitchen door using a frosted-glass version will increase natural light but (most important) maintain those laundry piles and filthy dishes hidden.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Flex up it with translucent pocket doors. When shut, these semitransparent doors provide someone enough privacy to function in peace while still letting in ample light; once open, they vanish, creating the feeling of one large room.

Van Wicklen Layout

Open a little house. If you reside in truly tight quarters, then consider swapping out as many solid doors as possible with glass visually opening up the distance will make your home feel much larger than its square footage. Shades or drapes may be used on glass bedroom doors; just pull them open when privacy isn’t needed.

Mary Evelyn Interiors

Utilize French doors to start a dark entryway. Formal vestibules can be quite dim — open up yours by replacing the solid inside doorway using a glass-paned doorway or French doors. Insert transom windows or swap out your entrance door for a glass model as well, and the light will pour in.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Dual your French door dose for better circulation. Many older Victorian and colonial homes comprise of lots of little rooms, which is less than ideal for the stream of our modern way of life. One method is by transferring the doorways, creating an enfilade. Just make sure you get expert advice before starting work if your strategy includes demolishing portions of present walls.

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