Create a Clean Break With Laundry Chaos

I feel the tiniest bit wistful when I look at photos of stunning laundry rooms around . Like most homes of its age, my late-’60s split degree has no committed laundry area — our washer and drier are tucked in a corner of their garage. It’s not the place that disturbs me, however; it’s the simple fact that finding space to gather, sort and fold clothes is such a challenge.

Currently I use a four-bag sorter tucked in my (tiny) closet, which retains laundry split along with the floor uncluttered but also eats storage area. Along with my “folding table” is the guest bed, which works great — except if there are actual guests inside.

I know I am not the sole er with this issue. If you are also fighting the laundry conflict, have a look at this roundup of inventive methods to maintain the piles in check — no remodeling needed. What tips do you have? Share details in the Comments!

Zinc Art + Interiors

This three-bin laundry sorter gives an easy spot for pitching filthy clothes at bathtime. Because it’s so compact and appealing, it doesn’t detract from the area’s design, and it blends with the palette as well.

The Closet Guy Inc

If you have space in a drawer or closet, think about retrofitting it with pull-down hampers. Removable liners make it a cinch to take clothes to the washer.

Following is a solution that works great for smaller closets: pretty baskets piled to one side. The sole drawback is that they don’t hold up to regular-size bins.

ReStyle Group Interiors

These tagged fabric bins fit into specially designed cubbies, but you could pile your own customized versions in a closet or on a shelf.

freckled laundry

While I listen to the words “laundry bag,” I think back to the industrial-size nylon version I had in college. But these pretty ones, created from bed covers, match the delicate, cottagey style of the space. You might have a pair of these custom made from a fabric that matches your decor.

Bud Dietrich

Let’s not overlook the ironing board while we are at it. Without a laundry area, where do you stash it? This is one alternative: Mount an ironing board cabinet on the wall. You can purchase one ready made, however a carpenter or woodworker could craft one to your specifications as well.

More Space Place of Nashville

A walk-in closet also makes an ideal area for installing a built-in fold-down ironing board.

Steele Canvas

Colored Canvas Baskets

This retro-look laundry cart would pair well with a industrial or eclectic area. It’s so adorable that you don’t even have to hide it.


Four Canvas Bag Laundry Rolling Sorter – $74.99

Following is a four-bag sorter almost just like the one I have. Since my washer and drier are two flights of stairs from my closet, I don’t use the casters, but in a single-story house you could easily pull it where you prefer.

Home Decorators Collection

Hampton Bay Double Tilt-Out Hamper – $209

A freestanding double hamper with tilt-down drawers mimics the look of furniture — just right to get a bedroom.


Circle Pattern Laundry Basket – $435

I am not typically a fan of sticking a hamper in the corner of a room. But this mod-meets-whimsical style is so much pleasure that it might sway me.


Woven Green and White Laundry Basket – $39.95

Pretty woven baskets in sharp white and chartreuse add a cheerful note to some mundane chore. Tuck them across the cabinet floor or pile a few on a shelving unit.

Gracious Style

Georgetown Laundry Sack – $64

The subtle colours of this laundry tote make it incredibly easy on the eyes.

Urban Outfitters

Ruffle Laundry Bag – $39

A beautiful ruffled tote adds feminine flair.

The Container Store

Horizon Round Crunch Can by Umbra – $19.99

Meet the Crunch Can, a marvel of smart design that expands and collapses as needed. I have four, and I use them for all kinds of tasks — such as ferrying laundry upstairs. When it’s empty, the can squashes flat for simple storage.


Jäll Tabletop Ironing Board – $4.99

A portable tabletop ironing board takes up less storage space than a standard model. Why haven’t I bought one of these?

Cornerstone – A Division of Richelieu

In-Drawer Mount Ironing Board – $345.76

This specially designed pullout features a pop up board which slides back in if you are finished.

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