How to Properly Plant a Tree

There are many advantages to planting a tree. Not only do trees provide shade during hot summer months, but they also improve your landscape.

For the tree to grow healthy and to full maturity, you must follow the right tree planting practices. You should plant it right and water it.

Here’s how to go about it as advised by landscaping Bradenton, FL and landscaping professionals.

Choose a Spot

Find a good spot to plant the tree. This should be at least 15 feet away from any building, sidewalk and other trees. Check that there are no overhead power lines, and insert a stake on the selected spot.

Take measurements of the root ball.

Then using bright spray paint, draw a circle around the stake that’s at least two to three times the size of the root ball.

Measure the Height of the Root Ball

According to Bradenton landscaping practices, with the tree standing upright, use a garden trowel to carefully get rid of some of the soil from the root so that the root flare is exposed. Next, using a tape measure, take measurements from the top of the roots to where the root flare ends.

Dig the Hole

Dig up the hole to a size that’s less than the size of the root ball by two inches. This is to prevent you from completely burying the root ball.

Use a pointed shovel to dig up the grass from the area where you will plant the tree and then take this grass somewhere else. Don’t use it to fill up the hole after planting.

Lay out a plastic tap near the hole you are digging so that you can put the soil onto it as you dig it up. This will make it easier for you to use the soil to fill the hole again.

Measure How Deep the Hole Is

Drive a stake on the ground next to the hole that you are digging. Then tie a string right where the stake is at grass level.

Using the string, measure to the bottom of the hole so that you can tell how deep the hole is. Keep digging until you achieve the desired depth. Scrape the hole flat using a shovel and then dust up the hole with superphosphate.

The Position of the Tree

Roll the tree into the hole and remove the root ball from the tree root using a wire cutter. You might need a landscape Bradenton, FL helper to assist you in this step. Then loosen the tight-packed soil around the roots using a cultivator.

Backfill the Hole

Mix the soil with superphosphate fertilizer and then backfill the hole up. In the end, water it using a garden hose.

Set Up Drip-Irrigation Bags

Put three inches of bark mulch around the tree, making sure not to put it too close to the trunk. Then tie up two irrigation bags around different sides of the tree. Fill it up with water on a regular basis.