Garage Door Repair Tips

Garage doors are made to protect our car from the weather elements and to keep it safe in case of accidents or burglaries. That’s why they’re typically constructed from solid and durable materials. However, even window repair can have problems from time to time. Thankfully, there are ways to maintain your garage doors so that they work smoothly for longer, and we’ve got a few tips on how to deal with the most common garage door problems.

Power Outage

In situations where the power goes out while your garage door is closed, and you don’t have the time to wait until the power comes back on in order to drive your car because after all, you have places to be. When this happens, one has to resort to the manual override, a technique which is done by pulling the cord that’s suspended on the guide track. While this method requires a little more elbow grease than the automatic process, it will still get the job done and have you out of the house on time.

Frozen Garage Door

If your garage door refuses to move due to freezing over from the cold weather, check the user’s manual for ‘pressure adjustment settings’ and make sure to adjust these settings every season to keep your garage door working efficiently for a long time.

Sagging Garage Door

When window cleaning start sagging, it gets more difficult to open them, and this problem is usually caused by age. The older the door gets, the more it succumbs to the pressures of gravity. Luckily, the tension rods on the top and bottom corners of the doors are deliberately placed in a diagonal position so that you can straighten the door by tightening them. If yours is one of those doors that come without tension rods, then you should purchase and install them for future use.

Lock Your Garage Door

If your garage door refuses to lock, check the door edges for the guide brackets, which are placed there to keep the horizontal bars responsible for locking the door. If the bars are out of alignment, you can fix them by loosening the guide supports and placing them in their proper position. Then, use a lubricant like a machine oil to get them working smoothly again.

Soak Up Oil Stains

Remove those pesky oil stains that sometimes leak from your car by sprinkling crumbled drywall on the stain, and then leave it to work its magic overnight. The following day, just rinse it off and brush it off again until the stain comes off completely.

When to Call the Professionals

Here are a few window installation problems that you should probably consult a professional about:

– When there’s a large and rapidly expanding crack in the garage’s masonry walls
– A foundation wall that’s moved out of place
– When you see enormous black mold patches on the wall
– If the garage wall starts buckling
– When the mortar, stucco, and bricks disintegrate at your touch