How Long Does Pressure Treated Pine Last in Decking?

Pressure-treated pine remains the most frequently used decking material, reports the Popular Mechanics site, but plastic composite decking boards have earned an increasing portion of the marketplace — in part because homeowners believe that these pricey choices might outlast real timber. On closer inspection, however, a properly maintained pine wood deck holds up amazingly well to the outdoor elements.

Ordinary Maintenance

On average, a deck created of pressure-treated pine will last 15 to 20 years before succumbing to the accumulated strain of direct sunlight, rain, salty ocean breezes, insect infestation and repeated cycles of thermal contraction and expansion. Unfortunately, many decks may fail to achieve that anticipated lifespan as a result of inadequate maintenance by the homeowner.

Ideal Maintenance

Research from the Mississippi State University Advanced Housing Research Center suggests that proactively maintained decking could provide between 40 and 60 decades of service. Maintenance should include scheduled therapy using water-resistant wood preservatives.

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