Happy Shade: A Rainbow of Dressers

A generation ago, people generally purchased their bedroom furniture as a set: the dresser with matching mirror and matching bed frame. Today we do the contrary — what’s all about mixing and matching and decorating with furniture that’s special to our personal style. And we’re not afraid to add colour. A dresser in a bold colour immediately makes it stand out as the accent piece in a space. What color is suitable for your bedroom? Choose from the rainbow of inspiration.

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Bright, bold, classic, modern — this dresser has it all. With its daring reddish colour, this dresser calls out for attention.

Suggestion: Red has many colors — make certain to pick a red that feels in tune with the style of your area. A rich red such as this dresser feels more international in fashion (especially paired with black), even though a chalky red can read cottage style.

Tracery Interiors

Outlined in orange, this classic modern dresser has an out-of-box style. The orange color naturally feels more mod, even although the lines of this dresser feel more classic. I love the way the orange looks against the natural grain of the wood-paneled floor and wall.

Nicole Lanteri Design

This dresser is painted a yellowish that simply spells cheerful. And for now, it’s doubling as a table.

Do not be reluctant to try out a bright or extreme color for a dresser. Deciding on a colour to paint furniture can be simply based on a color you enjoy. As an accent colour, yellow sings.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

This shade of green is indeed pleased. It’s a little preppy, a bit whimsical, a tiny mod and the perfect color to stand out from the brown-and-white striped walls.

Tip: A vibrant dresser does not just look pretty — it adds movement and dimension to a space. In this nursery, the walls are painted with white and brown horizontal stripes. A neutral dresser — in white, black, or simply stained wood — would recede in the background. But a bold shade, such as this kelly green, generates contrast with the stripes.

Found Design

A softer shade of green pairs perfectly with a ballerina pink for a girl’s room.

Tip: In general, colors that are bold and vibrant (such as the green and orange we found previously) fit directly into a more modern area. A milder, colour palette, such as this pale green, works well with a classic style area. These colors almost look like they’ve been dated.

Jill Sorensen

This colour of blue includes a cottage style. There’s a crispness to this bedroom along with all the whites and navy, and this softer shade of blue makes the space feel more comfy.

Splendid Willow

The regal shade of azure is the perfect colour with this elaborate classic vest with its glistening brass hardware. The colour suits the personality of the piece.

Stephanie O’Leary, Style By Stephanie

I spy a deep purple vest that catches the bohemian spirit of this distance. The mix of purples and grays adds a modern spin.

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