The Way to Pick the Fantastic Pink

If you think pink is only for little girls, then I’d love to change your mind. Pink is one of the most versatile colours in the spectrum: In its lighter tints it’s delicate and serene, while the mid-tones are playful yet very romantic. Take pink somewhat deeper and it transforms into fuchsia, a color that is sexy and exotic.

Pink not just conveys a variety of emotions but it also works well with any design style. It is a fun, flirty colour that can add an element of surprise into any area in your house.

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Stephanie O’Leary By Stephanie

Violet fuchsia. This particular shade of pink has purple undertones therefore it has a regal quality to it. Fuchsia paired with black and white is a really modern colour combination, and adding grey into the palette creates a look that is on trend.

Paint select: Springtime Bloom 2079-40 by Benjamin Moore

Chambers + Chambers Architects

Bubblegum pink. This shade of pink actually is a playful colour. Pink combined with orange is a festive, cheerful colour scheme which works for children and grownups. This palette also echos the colours of their Moroccan design fashions, very popular right now.

Paint select: Amaryllis 6591 by Sherwin Williams

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Rose pink. That can be a delicate, sophisticated colour. Its muted appearance brings a calm feel to any area.

Paint select: Pink Eraser 2005-50 by Benjamin Moore

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

Pale pink. This is the best pink to use while you want to produce a sense of calm and elegance in a room.

Paint select: Quaint Peche 6330 by Sherwin Williams

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Carnation pink. An unexpected guest is not always a good thing, but an unexpected welcome is completely enjoyable. What better way to surprise all your guests than with a carnation-pink front door!

Paint select: Pink Moment 6857 by Sherwin Williams

Elad Gonen

Hot pink. By means of a shade of fiery pink in a traditional area is a terrific way to make a formal space look less stuffy. Here, an energetic wall color produces a fun, lighthearted backdrop for your room’s wall art.

Paint select: Ardent Coral 6874 by Sherwin Williams

Judith Balis Interiors

A pop of pink upholstery will always make your seats stand out. I am enjoying the color combination of fuchsia and turquoise.

Niche Interiors

Red fuchsia. With its reddish undertones, this warm, vivid pink is a great color for a workspace. This type of pink inspires creativity and can even allow you to remain alert. So, pull up a desk and chair!

Paint select: Authentic Pink 2003-40 by Benjamin Moore

Cre8tive Interior Designs

Passion pink. This is one of the most glamorous bathrooms I have ever seen, and it is surely a popular here in Houzz. I love how the fire pink is introduced through the various textures of the tile, wallpaper and paint. This is how you bring sexy back to the toilet.

Paint select: Raspberry Pudding 2004-30 by Benjamin Moore

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