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The bulbs you have stored cold all winter are beginning to sprout, and it’s time to gear up for the next few seasons of gardening. If you’re serious about your gardening, you are going to require a good potting bench. Today we will take a peek at some great benches and where to place them. In our next installment, I will help you outfit your seat with all the tools you will want.

Between Naps on the Porch

I spied this seat at a show house here in Georgia, and I’ve been dreaming of it since. It has one of the handiest features possible, a footprint. This particular seat incorporates a salvaged sink.

Clinton & Associates, PC Landscape Architects

This lovely partially covered space can convert in the utilitarian area into a beautiful place to dine al fresco. Imagine paper lanterns and white lights dangling from the roof construction while candles shine on the table.

Clinton & Associates, PC Landscape Architects

A close-up shows a protected place that’s very good for arranging and storing pots and garden gear. It may also be transformed to a serving bar or buffet during outside dinner parties.

Amy Jesaitis

Watering cans and somewhere to sit and chairs are helpful additions to a potting bench. Notice how the color of this seat blends into the wall . Additionally, fitting baskets may serve as storage for resources, bulbs and seeds in addition to functional trugs for carrying supplies from the beds also for carrying create and cut blooms into the home.


These functional cabinets have old-world style, and the set makes a great potting area. One includes a sink, the other has a work surface and both have hidden storage beneath. These may sit on a terrace and fit right into the sophisticated exterior areas around this home. When not in gardening manner, they may be set up as an outdoor bar.

This potting shed to a farmhouse home offers storage for larger tools and a lawn mower, even though a seat outside is covered from the roof. We are going to get to potting sheds at a future ideabook. For now, we will admire the colour given by the roof — much desired in hot central Virginia summers.

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Dear Daisy Cottage

A potting bench needn’t be outdoors. Dear Daisy Cottage has left her potting area decorative in addition to functional, integrating it into her screened-in porch. Colorful paint works nicely with brightly colored baskets and a classic bucket.

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Rhonda Kieson Designs

No space outdoors? Commandeer a place in the garage for hanging gear and preparing your strands and floral arrangements.

Frank Shirley Architects

A potting bench tucked inside a mudroom is also a great solution if you absence outdoor space. It’s a great place to utilize for arranging flowers too.

Warmington & North

Flowers sitting pretty and ready to be ordered add a beautiful touch for this entry region. I really like that there’s a place to sit and enjoy the view.


Cream Console Table – $499

This console table makes a great potting bench. The open shelf beneath will hold a lot of pots, cloches, vases and additional curricular needs, while the drawers may hold supplies like twine, gardening resources, labels and seeds.


Cedar Wood Potting Bench with Sink – $299

This seat is potting ready with an integrated spout basin.


Gardener’s Tool Time Gift Set – $29.95

If a potting bench is not in your immediate future, a tool set like this makes for simple transport to and from the backyard. I use a very similar one myself.


Rockway Jumbo 4 Wheel Industrial Wagon – $159.98

Finally, a cart like this can match a daybed bench or serve as an on-the-go substitute.

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