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There’s a reason blue is frequently cited as a popular color. It reminds us of the skies and the sea or even maybe of our school colors or a favorite sports team. It can also be a terrific color in your front door. Blue entrance doors are a bit unusual in that you don’t find them as frequently as some other colors. The key to making them work is to pick the ideal trim and siding colors or substances.

These eight outside sample palettes show how to add a blue front door for your own house.

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1. Blue Door Having a Brick Exterior

It may be tough pairing a bold color with red brick, but I like to think about the latter as a neutral that may work with any color. If you opt for a bold blue shade for your door, keep your additional trim neutral to help your door stick out.

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Example palette: If you like the look of a bold blue front door but do not have red brick siding, here’s a sample palette to attempt. Clockwise from top left (all from Glidden Paint): Soft Sapphire GLB04, Shaded Fern GLN42 and Wood Smoke GLN40.

2. Blue Door With Light, Natural Siding

This weathered siding functions as a fantastic backdrop for its pretty sky-blue door and door frames. As from the very first picture, the pop of glowing blue color enhances the simple, classic architectural style of the house.

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Example palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Sherwin-Williams): Nautilus SW6780, Cocoon SW6173 and Realist Beige SW6078.


3. Blue Door Against a Mix of Colors

Not a lover of bright blue front doors? Consider a darker blue that reads almost gray. This shade works with any architectural style, as well as on a house clad in an assortment of materials in a variety of colors. It’s a superb choice here, because it picks up a few of those blue-gray tones from the rock. The gray-blue door functions as a neutral and reasons that the entryway.

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Example palette: Having a steely blue door you have your selection of siding colors. A few options are included in this palette. Clockwise from top left (all from Mythic Paint): Seaside Reflections 026-5, Kind of Blue 026-1 and Wrought Iron 140-1.

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4. Blue Door With White
This shade of blue, a cross between navy and teal, would look fantastic on a wide selection of architectural styles. Here it enhances the sharp, clean lines of this modern house. If you’d like your door to stick out from everybody else without being too over the surface, this really is your colour.

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Example palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Olympic Paint): Plymouth Blue G56-6, Smoke Screen D56-3 and Windswept D48-1.

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5. Blue Door Having a Soft Exterior Palette

This house has a fantastic soft paint palette that picks up a few of those cool colors in the rock.

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Writer palette: Here are a couple of palette choices featuring a soft sage green for the siding along with a watery turquoise blue for those doors and trim. Clockwise from top left: Soft Wave 5007-7C and The Harbor AR1222 (both in Valspar), also Aegean Blue MSL118 and Morning Fog MSL115 (both from Martha Stewart).

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6. Blue Door Using a Blue and Gray Interior

This entrance door has some navy blue — a neutral that may work with a wide selection of colors — in it. The color works nicely with all the blues and grays at the inside of the house.

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Example palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Behr): Signature Blue UL240-22, Poppy Seed UL260-23 and Gray Area 770F-4.

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7. Blue Door With Warm Hues

This shade of blue looks like patinated copper, a metal commonly utilized in Spanish colonial architecture. It’s a natural match with all the warm, golden color on the house.

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Example palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Benjamin Moore): Pool Blue 2052-50, Cloud White 967 and Papaya 957.

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8. Whimsical Blue on Secondary Doors

Should you like the blue doors but do not picture the colors for your very own front door, consider painting a secondary door on your premises, including in a gate. It may incorporate an enjoyable focal point to your hardscaping.

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Example palette: The vivid electric blue in the former photo works nicely with the cool-hued rock. If you were to paint your house to work with a blue door like this you, you might want to stay with light neutrals that veer toward the cooler (grayer) end of the spectrum. Try (clockwise from top left, all from Dunn Edwards): Beautiful Blue DEA136, Silver City DE6337, Sparkling Frost DE6345 and Frostbite DE6274.

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