Alluring Lighting for a Traditional Living Room

There are just a few rooms where light is as crucial as in the dining room. Not only is the light fixture a focal point here, but as your family or guests sit around the table, the fixture will constantly be in view. Additionally, you want the quality of the light to be great — once you have slaved over a gorgeous meal, you certainly want everyone to see it!

Here are a couple of tips for creating a lighting scheme for a traditional dining room that fits your palette (and your palate).

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Few things feel much more traditional than a traditional crystal chandelier. With accents of gold or silver, a chandelier provides the best shot of shine that makes a room feel tasteful but never overdone.

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Height is an important consideration when hanging out your chandelier. Hanging it 30 to 36 inches above the table is ideal for bathing the table in mild but not blocking diners’ lines of sight.

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There are a number of options when it comes to hanging out your chandelier. Some want to have people instantly sit at the table, so the chandelier is purposely hung low enough to encourage guests to have a seat. Just make certain bulbs are never below eye height — even if someone is standing — to protect against a glare.

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In most rooms, it’s easy to turn the overhead light off and allow secondary lighting to make a dim, romantic glow for entertaining. The dining room isn’t one of these rooms. Since the dining room is so often dominated by the primary chandelier, it is even more crucial to control the light with a dimmer switch. This way it is possible to adjust the light so that it’s just right for almost any time of day or occasion.

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The general rule of thumb when deciding what size fixture is right for your room is to take the measurements of the room in feet, put them together and buy a chandelier that many inches in diameter. A 12-by-15 room, by way of example, would need a 27-inch fixture.

If you are going to break that rule, the dining room is the place to do it. Since the light is usually the main focus of the dining room, a bigger chandelier makes a wonderful statement.

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Even though a stunning chandelier is usually the main lighting in a traditional dining room, it sure isn’t the only lighting to consider. Trap or can lights can illuminate certain areas to make certain that no corners are somewhat dim. Some regular entertainers go so far as to have a pin light aimed at each individual’s plate. Talk about presentation!

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Sconces offer an ideal method to add more light in your dining room. Whenever you have something as stunning as this mural by Sergey Konstantinov Art Studio, there’s no reason to dim the lights. Just make certain the bulbs or candles are above eye height.

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Built-in cabinets for china storage may be a dining area’s crowing glory. To make certain paintings do not go out of view during candlelit suppers, install snare lights from your arches to ensure your favorite bits shine no matter what the time of day.

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