American Icons: Coca-Cola Classic

When I moved to Atlanta, I discovered the antiques shops and flea markets were teeming with vintage Coca-Cola bits (even old bottles that were still full of soda). What also struck me is there’s a huge market for this here. Many Atlantans have a lengthy history with Coke, whether they operate there, their relatives have worked there they still don’t forget the sugar buzz they’d seeing Earth of Coke as kids they pass the headquarters every day on how to work or they simply wouldn’t be caught dead with a Pepsi.

Naturally, the love of Coca-Cola ephemera isn’t unique to Georgia. The iconic logo is distinctly American and has even become part of Americana style. So have a Coke and a smile as you peruse the interesting ways designers are working with soda.

Alan Design Studio

When I first looked at the picture I thought, Hmmm, the vintage sign really stands out in this contemporary space. I then realized that Eero Saarinen was probably designing the midcentury modern Executive Chairs and Tulip Table around the exact same time someone was designing that signal.


Coca-Cola Have a Coke and a Smile Mirror – 26 x 15 – $61.99

If you’re not the flea market kind, there are loads of official Coca-Cola vintage graphic reproductions you are able to order. This one is from an age when a woman on roller skates would deliver your ice cream sodas to your vehicle.

Don F. Wong

There are collectors, then there are serious collectors. This homeowner transformed a large garage to some Coca-Cola-themed ’50s diner.

Bronson Harrington

Apparently, the previous homeowner has a soulmate. This really is a home theatre and bowling alley lobby in a personal home.

Irene Turner: IT Sonoma Design

In another old-meets-new space, a vintage soda machine spends its post-quarter-eating decades as a unique sculpture in Sonoma, California.

Lilija Gelazis AIA

Vintage Coke signs are the old part of the old-meets-new within this darkened kitchen.


A round metal signal takes a Warhol-esque modern artwork quality in this minimalist, contemporary space. It is slight rusty and crusty quality provides a unique patina into the space.

Paula Grace Designs, Inc..

We have spread our sugary drinks throughout the entire world; this homeowner keeps a complete, exotic bottle on screen.

Bob Michels Construction, Inc..

A Coca-Cola vending machine provides a fun splash of red to a neutral colour palette.

The lively Coke motif is a fantastic fit for rec rooms and finished basements.


Vintage Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler – $199

This picnic cooler is the kind of piece it’s possible to leave out as a colorful kitchen accessory when you’re not outside snacking on a blanket in a park somewhere.


Coca-Cola Vintage Refreshing New Feeling Mirror – 26 x 15 – $61.99

Today’s wannabe Don Drapers must have a note from Coke’s simple and guide tag line and logo.

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