Type of Silk to Use for Pillowcases

You are pampered by A quality silk pillowcase and enhances your decor with its weave and smooth texture. An all-silk pillowcase feels cool on your skin and appears lavish. Shop for quality charmeuse or mulberry pillowcases that have a 16 to 22 momme weight, that’s the unit of measurement for silk. Silk with a very low momme amount is flimsy, and a cloth that is rigid is indicated by a high number.

Silky Smooth Charmeuse

Charmeuse silk’s delicate weave and glow lend pillowcases an upscale look and texture. The cloth has a satin sheen while its underside has a finish called crepe backing. Known for its appearance, charmeuse adds just a shimmer. Shop for 100 percent charmeuse pillowcases rather than plain, thin weaves that have uneven textures. Charmeuse pillowcases come in luxuriant colours, but also offer comfort with cushioned, smooth textures.

Durable Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is a quality cloth with fibers that are long, and is used to make sturdy but soft pillowcases. Cocoons supply the base employed providing properties and its texture to the silk. Its threads are dyed and woven into cloth that result in an assortment of strong, but elegant pillow coverings. A silk pillowcase offers a durable, but fashionable option with its watertight and stain-resistant attributes.

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