Take Your Home Tropical With Caribbean Chic

Perhaps you can not hop on a plane and experience the Caribbean firsthand in winter, but transforming a room or two in your home with cheerful tropical decoration could help cure the winter blues. Gone are the times when designing a Caribbean-inspired area meant framed photos of the beach or cloth covered in palm trees. Now’s Caribbean style can be reached by adding components used extensively throughout the islands: crisp white linen drapes, burlap pillows or furnishings wrapped in Caribbean fabrics.

A few bold colours on walls or in textiles will include a tropical jolt to your interiors, also. And while refurbishing old bits is a big design trend here from the States, it has long been a mainstay of Caribbean decoration. Purchasing new furnishings every few years is just not an option for many island people, so reupholstered pieces frequently take centre stage.

Let’s look at how you can bring a bit of the Caribbean into your home, if you’ve got a traditional or contemporary space.

Judith Balis Interiors

Caribbean Sea is here said by the walls. This colour is an inexpensive method to attain an island feel , even in a room with many components. The sofa and chairs are on fad and have been a part of layout.

Tip: This bold black and white striped sofa would make a statement in any home. It works here because a massive wall — a vital element in a well-designed space is anchored by it.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

Burlap, one of the most inexpensive materials on the planet, makes a statement wrapped about this chest-turned-coffee table. This could be a simple DIY project. A plethora of simple components give this room a tropical feel — white cloth walls, a white sofa adorned with bold pillows, a worn tree branch as centerpiece and a candle in a hurricane vase.

Tip: Bursts of colour against white cloth may be a simple way to introduce colour in tiny doses, without the full committment of painted walls. I use orange a good deal in my designs, but it is sometimes a challenging colour for many to adopt. But doses of orange work paired within this room with brown, taupe and green.

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Lisa Benbow – Garnish Designs

Even impartial walls may evoke the serene and calm feeling of these islands. This abaca-twist coffee table and also the burlap pillows take the island texture up a notch, too.


This Bermuda room is islandesque in its simplicity. Coconut trees out are framed by large window-doors, while white drapes include coolness. Simple white couches make a statement by themselves, and two traditional but fun chairs provide additional seating and help to make the room feel much cozier.

Tip: Notice the use of two large couches facing each other. This is a superb tip for a large area with high ceilings.

Anthony Baratta LLC

If you want to get down deep in the trenches of the Caribbean, vibrant walls, bold drapes and floral prints on a sofa using a woven foundation will take you there. You’ll find this decoration in lots of hotels throughout the islands.

Tip: Blues, yellows and greens operate harmoniously. These soothing, soothing colours look great balanced using the white floor lamps and white molding.

CG&S Design-Build

Simple and clean design can nevertheless look Caribbean. I really like the bold festive print over the mattress and the comparison of chartreuse bedding from a blue wall. A ceiling fan adds to the island vibe. Trust me, you would need that ceiling fan in the Caribbean — air conditioning is a valuable commodity.

Michael J. Lee Photography

You don’t want blue to create a tropical style aesthetic. Use festive colours from the outside, like these greens and a floral print. The bold orange seat reminds me with a piece of mango.

Again, note that bright orange works well paired with green and toned down with neutral colours.

Ventana Construction LLC

Island kitchens are famous for their use of bright-colored cabinetry, so don’t be afraid to add splashes of colour onto kitchen cabinets to get that vibe. Three gorgeous colors are at play. A soapstone countertop keeps down things.

Tip: Try painting your cabinets yourself to decrease price. Check out some cabinet painting suggestions from professionals

Ventana Construction LLC

This backsplash pulls together all the colours used in this Caribbean-inspired kitchen. It is fun, lively and shows that this homeowner is not scared to dwell on the crazy side.

Tip: If you aren’t up for a full remodel, adding a brand new backsplash of bold and fashionable tiles may be an affordable way to update your kitchen.

Are you attracted the Caribbean into your decor? Share your thoughts on vibrant island style from the Comments section below.

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