Multipurpose Wonders: Mason Jars

Mason jars are not just for canning on the farm. These cheap, classic glass jars are available new, and flea markets, antiques stores as well as crap stores (my favorite source) are full of them. A fast Internet search yielded a couple fresh Ball mason jars available from $2.29 to $20; classic models start at about $2 to Etsy.

ers are using mason jars in all sorts of ways, from adding them to light fittings to keeping laundry soap in an attractive manner. Look at them with fresh eyes and find out each of their applications, whether you have an interest in preserves or need to add more glass to your tablescape.


Use: Drinking glass
Impact: Dazzling your buddies with a smart way to function summer drinks.

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Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

Use: Corralling office supplies
Effect: Colored pencils, pens and other writing utensils are close at hand using a uniform, trendy look.

Architect Mason Kirby Inc..

Use: Glass colors on a chandelier
Effect: A mix of contemporary and classic industrial style overhead.

Unskinny Boppy

Use: Providing overhead candlelight to an outside space
Impact: A readily transportable candleholder that can hang from trees, repurposed ladders, trellises and other outside armatures.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Use: Storing dry goods
Effect: An appealing and uniform way to keep ingredients handy. Chalkboard labels make it easy to change your food storage and know your jasmine rice out of your basmati rice.

Schwartz and Architecture

Use: Canning for the winter
Effect: An efficient way to keep your preserves using a styled look that’s worthy of a design book.


Use: Hanging objects overhead
Impact: Handy overhead storage which frees up counter and cupboard space. This works really well on a workbench; it will keep your nails, screws, washers and bolts organized and convenient.

The way to do that yourself

Dreamy Whites

Use: As shabby-chic vases
Impact: Blooms take centre stage in vessels which have big country appeal.

Life in the Fun Lane

Use: Storing laundry soap
Effect: Design in the laundry room that’s a lot more appealing than busy soap boxes.

Liz Williams Interiors

Use: Coastal-style hurricane
Impact: Using lentils (found here) or sand to ground the candles and add extra beachfront feel.

Michelle Hinckley

Use: Vessels for displaying collectibles
Effect: A lovely display for natural items such as shells, sea and stone glass.

Seaside Interiors

Use: Halloween candleholder
Impact: as a result of black ribbon with white stitching and a flat fuzzy spider, a charmingly creepy glow.

Use: Storing cosmetic items such as cotton swabs, cotton balls and cosmetics brushes
Effect: Providing an aesthetically pleasing display for nosy guests that snoop through your medicine cabinets.

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