Mid-Atlantic Gardener's December Checklist

The weather outside is frightening, and the crops are fast asleep, but it does not imply that gardening is dead in winter. A few remaining tasks — from prepping and cleaning to fun small potting chores — can make those cooped-up winter days a little somewhat dull.

Gardening inside becomes a slower method of enjoying the green while outside gardens beg to be left alone for a month or two. Listen to the rhythms of nature and relax while dreaming of spring.

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Let It Snow

The reasons here in the mid-Atlantic might begin seeing snow in December. Leave it alone, once the snow coating has landed. Snow actually protects plants from wind and the devastating effects of a freeze -thaw cycle. Leave plants covered in the blanket of snow and they will stay frozen rather than thawing out and exposing themselves to the upcoming deadly freeze.

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Keep lawns and those flower beds, too off! Once they are covered in snow and begin a freeze-thaw cycle, the soil extends through vital reshuffling processes. It’ll loosen and break from the ice and water, but many of the benefits will be lost if you step on the job in progress and compact the ground.

Garden Indoors

A few evergreen saplings potted in various containers are totally festive along with a green choice to the conventional cut tree. Place your saplings at a trendy spot while they’re inside, then plant them in the garden later or they contribute to a friend with land to return a bit after the holidays have past.

For a temporary display, pot cut evergreen branches to function as miniature Christmas trees throughout the holidays.

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Monitor indoor plants for signs of disease and insects. Whiteflies are easily cared for with soapy water and traps, while some can be more difficult to get rid of. If a plant falls prey, quarantine it immediately so other plants do not become infested.

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You still have time if the ground has not frozen over. Get them at the ground fast, though. If a good freeze has struck on your region, make the most of these clearance bulb sales and induce the bulbs inside.

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Wildlife Care

Many berries are at their peak right now. Enjoy their attractiveness but leave them alone this time of year. They’re a vital portion of native birds’ diets.

Snowy Bird Feeder

Take extra care with bird feeders, as natural resources of food begin running this month. Stock feeders with plenty of seeds and keep them full once the birds begin coming to the feast.

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Cleanup Time

Winter is the best time to spend a day in the tool shed organizing, cleaning and shredding tools for another growing season. Simple soap and water may take good care of cleaning most tools, whereas pots and clippers must be washed with a mild solution of bleach water to prevent plant disease.

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Break out the window cleaner and then sharpen those snowy opinions! We are in need of lots of light this time of year to fight the shorter times and the moods that can accompany them. Open the colors, be sure those windows are clean and enjoy the snow.

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Whether you are cleaning and prepping for spring, or simply enjoying the charms of winter, then let the slower winter rate to lure you in. Make time to watch the birds outside your newly shined windows, plant only a few pots every now and again, and let yourself relax until spring starts knocking with her long list of wake-up chores.

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