Here Are the Most Common Heating Systems

Heat is an important aspect of living in any home. It’s the heat from the HVAC system that makes your home livable during the cold winter months. It’s hard to imagine how anyone can survive without heat at home. There are many advanced Long Beach electrician systems available in the market at the moment. From the simplistic forced air home heat systems to the more advanced geothermal and hot water baseboard systems, the options are indeed endless. In case you are planning to buy a new heat system for your home, we have a breakdown of a few options that might interest you.

Forced Air Heating and Cooling System

The forced air system is one of the most common options for homeowners. It’s also a simple design that provides both heat and central air conditioning capabilities. The distribution mechanism for the forced air system starts at the furnace. Air is heated at the furnace and it’s then distributed through a network of ductworks strategically installed around the home. The distributed hot air is then introduced into various rooms using registers. A number of fuel sources might be used to heat up the air using the forced air systems. Electricity and natural gas are often used though.

– Advantages

The forced air system is more affordable compared to other heat systems in the market. It also provides a mechanism for cooling too and the air can be easily dehumidified using the same system.

– Disadvantages

The system only works if there’s a network of ductworks around the home. This can make costs more expensive. In addition to this, the furnace can often make strange noises. There’s no way of handling the distributed air, and this increases the risk of allergens substantively.

Hot Water Baseboard System

Unlike the forced air system that uses hot air to heat up the home, the hot water baseboard system uses hot water. The water is heated using a boiler which is then distributed to heat the home using convection and radiation. The baseboard units which feature fine tubes are fitted along the walls. The tubes increase the surface area of heat dissipation massively, making the hot water baseboard system one of the most efficient electrician Long Beach systems at home.

– Advantages

The system is very quiet compared to others in the market. Additionally, the energy efficiency associated with it can lead to many savings. There’s also a temperature control option for you.

– Disadvantages

The baseboard radiation tubes will require a lot of expertise to install strategically. The temperature increases slowly too.

Steam Radiant Heating System

Steam radiant heat systems are not that popular these days but there are among the most revered pioneers of home heating systems around the world. The heat is distributed through steam piping in the home and additional radiator units. The system is quite efficient and can heat up any room very fast. The radiant heat is also comfortable for an indoor setting. You will, however, need a lot of ductwork to get this done.

These are basically some of the common electrician Long Beach CA systems available in the market at the moment. Choose the option that feels right for you.