Dawn Dish Soap for Cleaning Inside Windows

Original Blue Dawn dish soap provides cleaning power. Only a few drops in water creates a way that leaves your windows streak-free and clean. It’s an economical alternative to spray window cleaners that are ammonia-based, and it’s safe for your environment. Dawn is qualified after petroleum spills for wildlife cleaning; it doesn’t contain phosphates, and it’s biodegradable.

Get the Option

Add three drops of First Blue Dawn dish soap. Stir slowly to combine if you’re mixing in a bucket. You shake slowly a couple of times to mix, can prepare the option in a gallon jug, store the unused part in the gallon jug. Three drops is enough — more could cause streaking and excessive sudsing.

Using the Option

Fill a clean, 1-quart spray bottle with the option. Spray it wipe the glass with cloths or dry paper towels. Permit the mist if necessary, to sit down on the window to soften dirt, particularly.

Do Not Use Other Dawn Products

Dawn products other than Original Blue Dawn liquid have extra ingredients like skin softeners, perfumes or additives that could interfere with streak-free window cleaning.

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