Bone Made Strong Showing at High Point Market

The enormous furnishings industry trade show in North Carolina, when there was one substance that abounded at this season’s spring High Point Market, it was bone. We were surprised in its amazing versatility — with a few bits making bright, bold statements and others blending beautifully with their environment. From little boxes to breathtaking chests, the detailwork and craftsmanship were something to behold. Here are a few of our favourite, easy-to-incorporate finds using bone.

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These bone dominoes are from Barbara Cosgrove. We are dying to own them for our coffee tables!


Kester Carved-Bone Box

A single box or a group of several boxes is a simple method to incorporate the bone trend into your decor — and add sneaky storage space.


Fiona Mirror

We adore the whimsical shape of this mirror and the versatility of the colour. It would be so pleasant over a tiny girl’s dresser or may add a dash of fun into a formal living space.


Lola Tray

These white and black trays are fairly for serving, but when we had them, then we would show them all the time.


Lola Stool/Accent Table

One of our favourite uses of a garden seat is as an occasional table with a seat in a formal living room. The lines and details of this one are so elegant. It would likewise be a female touch in a library that is manly.


Ines Chair

This bone inlay seat was simply magnificent in person and produces a desk pop up. The detailwork and craftsmanship are amazing!

Lanterns were popular, and we loved this gorgeous pair from Mr. Brown that featured two trends.

This Mr. Brown Galaxy chandelier is an amazing focal point and would positively make an entrance hall. It’s a alternate into a crystal chandelier.


Jamie Young Co.. Mughal Bone Side Table – $1,472

So side tables fade into the background and count to make them shine. This bone inlay table stands alone and would be a great nightstand for a more compact space.


Regina Andrew Multi-Tone Bone and Brass Tray – $247.50

A tray is a tasteful way to incorporate bone into a layout scheme and is the ideal way to serve visitors. We adore setting a tray in an ottoman. The brass on this Regina Andrew tray adds a masculine touch to balance out the softness of the bone.

Mecox Gardens

Luhgum Bone Table Lamp – $625

This Jamie Young Co. bone lamp is both elegant and fun. It’s fantastic for a living room.

High Point Market Branches Out Into Natural Decor

Inlay Makes Restricted a Cut Above

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