6 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas Everyone Can Use

Even the tidiest kitchen needs a little organizational inspiration from time to time. Go beyond basic decluttering this year and give your cooking space an additional boost of compact style. Whether you lack pantry space or can’t find a spot to put away the dishes, has you covered. Take a peek at these clever storage ideas — one may just help your kitchen run a little more easily.

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1. Pantry in a Drawer. Kitchen designers seem to agree almost unanimously — if it is possible, switch out your cabinets. This clever small-space alternative, hulled out of a Kitchen of the Week, helps to eliminate bulky cabinetry and instead uses a big bottom drawer for pantry items.

2. Easy DIY Mason Jar Storage. Stuck with top cabinets but still don’t have sufficient space for pantry items? Heather Anderson came up with a simple storage idea using her handy source of mason jars. Each jar hangs out of its own cap, screwed into the bottom of the cabinet.


3. Ultimate Storage Solution For The Measuring Cups.Measuring cups and spoons always seem to be buried at the bottom of a drawer, unattached from one another and drifting in kitchen madness, right when you want them most. Beckie Farrant came up with this adorable and clever idea: Paint sticks, hooks, and vinyl ribbon keep everything where she is able to find it and make switching measurements easy also.


4. Customizable Dish Drawer. Deep drawers can save more than just food items. This handy customizable pegboard permits drawers to keep piles of dishes with no running the chance of toppling over or slipping around.

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5. Clear Some Counter Space. Small appliances may take up a great deal of counter space, however it isn’t easy finding a fantastic storage solution — especially for items that get a lot of usage. Countertop built-ins can spare a lot of space and hassle. This clever built-in slides a toaster out of place without the need to unplug it or transfer it from cupboard to counter tops.

6. DIY Pot Rack. Kitchen company for under $10? Count me. This user made some simple but effective storage out of a thrift shop shelf and brackets, and also a piece of aluminum tubing from the hardware shop. Straightforward S-hooks hang utensils directly at hand.

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