10 Ways to Get the Rustic Cabin Appearance

You’ll locate them on lakes, in the mountains or tucked in the forest; cabins are houses to childhood memories and summer days spent exploring the forests, fishing off the pier or floating in an inner tube in the lake. Bringing that emotion out of our hearts and into a new cabin can be trickier than it seems. I wonder if our parents and grandparents knew we’d be attempting to pull together the mismatched, disheveled, secondhand appearance they had mastered? I’ve been blessed to have worked with homeowners on bringing to life that their distinct childhood cabin (actual or imagined), and I’ve got a couple of hints for you.

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Go to your cozy. Vaulted rooms offer drama, but something about a flat wood ceiling produces a cabin feel true and cozy. More frequently found on the outside of a house, stone columns define this space while earning a rustic element.

Go for a gathered look. When I was growing up, cabins were areas to get hand-me-downs, even large ones such as stoves and grills. Nothing matched, and that which felt worn-in, similar to the kitchen exhibited here. The painted cabinets, reddish stove and stainless island seem to have came here at distinct points in time. Have a chance on using paint colours that you wouldn’t typically see next to one another, and keep shelving open to get a kitchen that is friendly and workable.

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Mix materials. When re-creating the heat of a classic cabin, I alway opt for timber flooring. It’s softer than tile, both aesthetically and underfoot. Using distressed or stained timber will require this appearance one step farther. Then consider earning other interesting materials, such as a copper farm sink or hood vent. They are beautiful today, and they’ll only get better. Pairing rough plank cabinetry with classic or mismatched knobs and pulls are going to keep the room dull. To finish the look, turn to companies like Elmira, which create period appliances.

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Cushion with gentle colour. Softer colors look even sweeter when they are brought to a room created out of rocky material. The robin’s egg blue of these cabinets this is funny against the rough wood beams and reclaimed wood floor. Don’t be scared to hang a chandelier from a timber ceiling. (I do it all the time.) Swag the light.

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Know that old is better. In this new structure, a classic cabinet was made to a vanity, and also an old metal bucket was worked in as the sink. Use exposed copper plumbing and spray it with salt water to speed up the aging procedure.


Tell a narrative. Don’t overlook an opportunity to add character. In this area, creative and subtle touches, such as the scalloped edging on the bookcase and the hanging arenas, make a layer of interest. The beams appear to tell the story that perhaps this was at one time an outside fireplace, enclosed afterwards.

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Soften with cloth. The cabin might be filled with dark wood and antlers, but you can soften it with blankets and pillows. This vibrant quilt is holding its own against the leather headboard.

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Strike a balance. Red plaid blankets and cabins appear to go hand-in-hand, but some people prefer a crisper, more tailored texture. Tucked bedding in neutral tones is a fantastic choice. Artwork in a frame is a wonderful contrast to the timber and punctuates the appearance.

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Concentrate on the fireplace. So a lot of what happens at the cabin is focused around the fireplace. Be original with the rock. To make a tumbled, organic appearance, have your rock mason recess the grout so the fireplace looks to be dry stacked. A raised hearth generates extra seating and a place to store firewood. Next to a roaring fire is also a great place to sneak in a bed.


Don’t forget the best part. The screened porch at the cabin is the best chair in the house. We use porches for dining, reading and napping. Insert a hanging bed and lamp lighting, then make classic cushions and blankets to make the room comfortable and inviting.

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