How to Harvest Banana Cantaloupe

The”Banana” cantaloupe cultivar has the elongated appearance of a banana along with the yellow exterior netting of a cantaloupe. Also called banana melons, these fruits have been chosen the same as other cantaloupe melons. Rather than relying only on the colour of the melon, cantaloupes are ready for harvest when they readily distinguish from the blossom. This occurs 35 to 45 days after the flowers have been pollinated. A completely ripened”Banana” cantaloupe off the blossom has a mild taste and deep salmon-colored flesh.

Check the banana cantaloupes, where they break on the floor, to get a pale, cream-colored place.

Feel the stem of every fruit for dryness. Ripe fruits have a dry stem which looks brown and shriveled.

Have a look at the exterior shade on the very top of the melons to get a yellowish or tan shade without green.

Touch the blossom end. It should feel tender if the melon is ripe.

Twist the melon on the vine to crop it.

Assess any unharvested melons every other day before the remaining melons have completely ripened.

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