7 Window Treatment Types for Bedrooms

Window treatments, especially in a bedroom, setting can be a perfect addition. They add privacy and play an important role in revamping the bedroom’s interior décor. There are many different types of treatments that can be used for bedroom window repair. It all depends on your preferences and taste.

Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of seven top-rated options that you can explore.


Curtains are the most common form of window treatment in the market. They are also the easiest to use. The great thing about curtains is the variety in which they come in. You can pick different styles, colors, designs and all you have to do is hang them and that’s it. No installation fees or anything.


Drapes are similar to curtains but they are often sold as panels of fabrics. They too come in different shapes and sizes. Unlike curtains though, drapes are often made of heavier fabric and tend to be longer. They are also more formal than ordinary curtains. Drains are commonly used for the living room although they can be a great option for the master bedroom too.


Shades are in fact the most popular window treatment for the bedroom. They are relatively more private compared to drapes and curtains. Most shades are made of ordinary fabric but they are cut and neatly designed to fit into the window. They can be lifted up and down with a pulley. The great thing is that you can get many different designs and styles in the market to meet your design needs.


Shutters are also very common in most bedrooms but they are also quite traditional. They are commonly seen in coastal, cottage or countryside homes. Most shutters are made of natural wood although recent designs are using faux wood too. Shutters will normally be fitted within the window frames. They will have their own separate hinges and can easily be swung closed or open. In terms of privacy and durability, shutters offer the best option when it comes to window cleaning treatments.


Valances are designed to be purely decorative. They are often used together with drapes and curtains to achieve the maximum effect. They are made using various types of fabrics and are normally found in formal rooms due to their dramatic effect.


Blinds are modern window treatments sheers that are perfectly designed for the bedroom. They offer outstanding privacy and can easily help you block excess sunlight. The blinds are open and closed using special cords. They are simple to install too and don’t require a lot of maintenance.


Sheers are simply lightweight curtains that are created with sheer fabric. The treatments are chosen for their beautiful effect on any room. They can easily add some dainty charm to the ambiance in and deliver outstanding privacy.

These are some of the common treatments for window installation that you can use today. Always pick the option that works best for you.